About Me

April Chandler

April is a Television Presenter on WonderHunters travelling the world to show the best in humanity filmed against the backdrop of amazing natural wonders broadcast on SKYTubed. She is also an Author, Producer, Wellness Activist, Motivational Speaker, Climber, Planet and Sea Lover, Buddhist, Ambassador @ Ubuntu Fund, Spark Inside and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Her published books include, 10 Step Guide to Better Health and Posture, OYWBTH, The Little Book of Wonder Foods and Juices and Wonder Cocktails. Wonder Life and Wonder Life ‘For Kids’ will be released in April 2017. April also founded Wonder Workouts, Wonder Camps and Wonder Retreats, is an Ex-Royal Navy Athlete and a strict vegan.

April is on a mission to positively impact the care systems around the world, preferably close down institutions and return children to family life. “If we focus on inspiring the younger generations with positive experiences, we won’t have to reprimand them when they are older through the Criminal Justice System.” April Chandler

April’s ethos and vision is to help as many people as possible through her global Wonder platform.

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April Chandler