About Me

April is a Producer and Author.

She is also a mother of three amazing children; August, River and Meadow.

She is a Radio and Television Presenter, Motivational Speaker, Planet and Sea Lover, Buddhist, Ambassador @ Ubuntu Pathways and Global Angels.

Her published books include, 10 Step Guide to Better Health and Posture, OYWBTH, The Little Book of Wonder Foods and Juices, Wonder Cocktails, Wonder Life and Wonder Life For Kids.

April is also the founder of Wonder Workouts, Wonder Studio, Wonder Camps and Wonder Retreats, is an Ex-Royal Navy Athlete and a strict vegan. As a Wellness Activist and Adventure Athlete she is pushing boundaries by completing the Explorers Grand Slam challenge, which includes climbing the Seven Summits and skiing to the Geographic South and North Pole.

April’s ethos and vision is to help as many people as possible live an amazing healthy life full of wonder through her global Wonder platform.

She is writing her autobiography to be released in 2019.

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