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April believes if you go somewhere new, try something new, and meet someone new every month, you’ll never feel unhappy, instead, you will be living life to your fullest potential, completely fulfilled in every way.

April’s Wonder Challenge

1) Visit somewhere new each month, even if it’s only 10 minutes from your home. You’ll be surprised by how many wonders are close to where you live. Obviously, most people would prefer to fly to Thailand or somewhere else exotic, but if you can’t do that, then at least get out and see some amazing places in and around the area that you live. Even taking a walk in nature with grass between your toes will de-stress your life, put a smile on your face and add some wonder to your life.

2) Meet someone new each month and have a chat for about 30 minutes. Some people have the most amazing, interesting lives, especially the older generations. Something might trigger for both of you and you’ll each leave the encounter knowing something more than you did at the beginning. We are always learning and sometimes just the smallest of things can spark the most amazing creation. Sharing a little bit about yourself, your life and then listening about their life will definitely add a little wonder and might even evoke a sense of fulfilment. Tip: Give the conversation your full attention, don’t try and listen and talk while checking emails, social media. Be truly present!

3) Try something new, for example, snowshoeing, or knitting for those that prefer indoor activities. There’s so much to experience in this world, be it salsa dancing, trying a new recipe, reading one book a month, launching a podcast. As they say, the world is our oyster.

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