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Be Your Authentic Self

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I’m a female adventurer on the road filming for WonderHunters and training by climbing all the mountains I pass for the Explorers Grand Slam Challenge.

Don’t just preach the healthy life, practice it too. It’s clear when people are not as healthy as they make out they are across social media and nothing worse than people pretending to live one life and preaching that to others, only to live a different life behind the scenes, which is obvious given how overweight and unhealthy they look. It’s sad to see people I dedicated a lot of time to over the years to become the best version of themselves, healthy etc.. go out on their own – no longer motivated, coached, inspired, fed content from me on a daily basis – revert back to the overweight state they were in when I first met them, but yet they still use my content I taught them to preach to others how to live a more connected, present and healthy life, yet clearly don’t live that life themselves. My advice, be your authentic self and always practice what you preach.

I don’t play anything small and believe we end up with who we deserve – those that play small, end up with others that play just as small as they do and before they know it, the best years have gone by and they’ve stayed the same, not grown, not evolved, and instead are living a basic life in their small bubble, and not ended up being the change maker they dreamed about becoming and impacting the world, and definitely not rocking this world, which is a real shame as the potential is there, but not everyone can put aside fear, or dig deep to live all out, whereas I’m out to change the world and rocking it in a big way and all those in my life are doing the same!

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