Blue River Productions Canada

We have a production studio in Squamish, not far from Vancouver offering state of the art facilities for all your production needs.

RPAS Operators

Aerial footage is only as good as your drone operator. That’s why we have built a team of highly skilled RPAS pilots/cinematographers to execute the precise maneuvers that maximize the beauty of a shot. We ensure the highest quality drone footage for each and every project we work on. All of our RPAS operators are advanced certified licensed by Transport Canada to fly drones and are fully insured to safely operate a drone.

As one of the top drone video production companies in British Columbia, Blue River Productions works closely with you to create the perfect aerial video. From initial concept to the final edited piece, our aerial drone footage will take your video project to new heights. Our drones (Remote Piloted Aircraft) have a range of over 5km. They can navigate around obstacles, fly autonomously and reach speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour leaving very few limitations to what you can do with our drone video services. Along with drone video we offer standard video packages to capture footage from the ground. Videos and films require more than just an aerial attack and if you’re looking for a professional video we offer full service video production to highlight your product, service, experience, or message. Our latest obsession is in 360 or VR (Virtual Reality) video. Learn more about 360 VR and how we create immersive experiences. 

Projects in Production:

Paper Daughters

Genre: Action/Drama/History

Tagline: More Than Gold Was Bought and Sold

Logline: Based on a true story, Donna Cameron is a missionary who saves 3,000 young Chinese girls from a life of sexual slavery. The girls are in bondage to a beautiful, yet ruthless Chinese madam named Ah Toy.

Budget: $25m

Producer: April Chandler
Director: James Marshall

Shooting Dates: April 28, 2021