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Does a juice cleanse affect menstruation?

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It did for me. A personal topic, but an important one to share as it might be helpful to other women around the world.

I started my period on day 2 of my juice detox (Thursday) last week. I know that when I’ve been at my leanest, healthiest, my period is minimal or doesn’t happen at all, but I just discovered that the food choices, in this case, my juice detox immediately affected my period, even though I only started the juice cleanse the day before I was due.

I’m very regular on a 28 day cycle, so the day before I normally feel a bit grumpy, tired, hormones raging, sometimes a headache, sometimes not, but I can definitely tell that my period is on the way, but not this time, I felt absolutely fine, no negative effects at all. My period is what I would normally call my 1%, because if anything is going to bother me, it’s going to happen during that 1%, time, which I regard as my weakest moment where I might have looser lips, stronger opinions, feel braver to out someone, put someone in their place et cetera, but would have thought it through, balanced it out and decided against it if it was another time during the month.

This time while on my juice detox, I wasn’t hormonal at all. I didn’t cry at Disney animation films. I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t grumpy, which my children truly appreciated. I didn’t have any cramps at all. And my period lasted less than 2 days (Thursday evening through to early this morning (Saturday)) and I was very light on those two days compared to 5-7 days of normal to heavy blood flow, which I’m sure others have experienced and feels like it’s The Neverending Story.

It’s interesting that slightly before or during our periods, women are less likely to do a juice detox and instead go for chocolate or other snacks or foods that we probably don’t want a few days before or even a few days after, however, given the change in hormones, we seek out sugary foods and comfort snacks, yet maybe what our bodies need is a serious influx of nutrient rich juices straight into the blood stream the day before and day one of our period in order to keep our moods balanced, our blood flow minimal and shorter, with no negative physical effects.

I’m going to do a juice detox next month the day before my cycle is due again (October 2nd) and think it’d be great if other women did this too and report their findings so that we can know if it’s something natural that other women can do who truly suffer during their period, which of course, affects work, relationships, especially with husbands, children.

If us women find out that doing a juice detox on those days will help to keep our moods balanced, same focus, et cetera, women would truly rule the world! 😉 Men would be happier too as they wouldn’t have to lock themselves away in hiding, or make excuses about having to work longer hours at the office the moment they see the tampons out sitting next to the toilet!

Please share if you think it might help a friend.

Any questions, let me know.



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