April Chandler

Forgotten Documentary Film

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I’m directing my first project, a documentary film called “Forgotten” sharing the stories of fifteen children that have been forgotten by society and growing up without parents living either in a children’s home, foster parents or on the street homeless at the mercy of human traffickers, drug dealers, groomers…

More than one million children disappear each year and many more thousands are rotting away in the State system. I’m telling their story.

I’m covering three areas to show it’s not a specific problem to the west coast or east coast, but across the whole of the USA. The three cities I’ve picked to give a true representation of this issue are Denver, Los Angeles and New York following five children from each city. 

People might be surprised to learn that these issues are happening right on our doorsteps in every city around the world. We must stop closing our eyes pretending it’s not happening and instead be a witness to what is truly going on. By opening our eyes and minds, we have a chance at solving the problem and getting children out of harms way and back into a safe, stable, secure, loving family.

Every child deserves to live a happy life full of wonder and opportunity, which is not possible for hundreds of thousands of children who are just trying to get through each day. I’m not talking about children in third world countries who of course have huge problems, starving and struggling to survive, I’m talking about children growing up in the United States of America, a country you wouldn’t expect children to live on the streets, or disappear daily to human traffickers.

Even though I’ve been involved in films as a producer, my debut as a director is scary, incredible, wondrous. The euphoria I’m feeling is out of this world. We all have a role to play and mine is to share messages from those that are voiceless in the hope it changes humanity for the better.

I’ll be posting updates about the film and sharing behind the scenes footage with you all shortly.

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