April Chandler

Freedom Doesn’t Need to Come at a Cost, But it Does.

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When we stop being materialistic and live a minimalistic life, understanding who we are comes from within and not by the car we drive, the house we live in or how much money we make, we become more centred and free. I travelled the world for almost two years on the road with my three children and two dogs with a tent and camping gear, backpack for each of us, a few books each, a cuddly toy for my children, music, fresh food every place we stopped. We met the most interesting people, it was an amazing experience, one I’d highly recommend to everyone to do, maybe not for 2 years, but long enough to see just how small and connected the world is and how alike we all are regardless of location, skin colour, gender… The problem with surveillance that most people don’t talk about is it’s not just about losing our freedom in our country of residence and Governments we need to worry about, but criminal syndicates will always find a way to hack the surveillance technology to gather more information about us to steal our money, to find more efficient ways to traffic our children, adding more suffering to our lives. Over 1 million children disappear each year in North America, most to human trafficking where they are sexually abused, working as slaves and bought and sold numerous times for various roles eventually not knowing who they are, where they are from or that they have the right to be free. Institutional care is a huge business with many people benefiting from children in Government care. I filmed Forgotten last year to share with the world what a day in the life for these children is like in the hope to end institutional care around the world and get children into safe, loving family homes where they can thrive, not move around from place to place every few months.

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