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April interviews celebrities, scientists and authorities around the world covering human trafficking, slavery, humanity, wellness and personal growth.

April set up The April Chandler Foundation to support other charities that are doing amazing work within the realm of human trafficking, slavery and to improve the conditions on the ground of the most vulnerable people globally, but also to impact the care systems around the world, which has become a multi billion dollar business, but unfortunately, the children have been “Forgotten” and tax payers money is rarely spent on the children in the system to improve their outcomes, and requires intervention.

“If we focus on inspiring the younger generations with positive experiences, we won’t have to reprimand them when they are older through the Criminal Justice System.” April Chandler

April’s ethos and vision is to help create happy, healthy people through her global Wonder platform. She is keen to demonstrate how various lifestyle factors have a deep and profound effect on one another and shows how the realms of nutrition, physical health, sports and fitness, mental health, as well as personal relationships and business are all inter-related.

April founded Wonder Workouts and donated 97,000 kickstart programmes to HM Prisons to improve the health and wellness of prisoners across the UK. Everyone regardless of their background deserves the best in health.

She is passionate about ending human trafficking and institutional care and instead advocating governments to provide more support, education and love to children and their biological parents, and if that isn’t possible, introduce them to a stable, happy family life, not move them around to different families or institutions, which is disruptive for children.

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