April Chandler

Is Feminism the answer?

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I never thought this was possible, but after directing “Forgotten” and witnessing what it’s like with my own two eyes on the ground, how bad human trafficking, sexual abuse et cetera has become worldwide, I’ve become a bit of a feminist. How millions of women and girls are treated worldwide is beyond horrific.

When will we open our eyes and see for ourselves that equality isn’t achievable under current society norms?

I’m not anti men, not in the slightest, and the men I know are great, but there are millions of men who exploit women and girls and use them as commodities across all countries, not just the so called “third world countries”, but even the wealthy like the USA, UK, China, Germany, Australia (who are trying to pass a new modern day slavery bill)…

I wrote this in a comment earlier, that until Margaret Thatcher became PM in the UK, women couldn’t even buy their own house without a man. Would it have changed if she hadn’t become PM?

It will never work on a 50/50 equality level with men. Empowering women to change the tide is crucial to the future for all of us. Slavery, human trafficking, abuse is the third highest crime in the world and 99% are women and girls. There are millions of men around the world watching online while other men abuse a 5 year old girl for their entertainment, and other men get rich from the enterprise. It’s less than 0.001% of women that would be watching something of this nature or involved in barbaric activities that hurt other women. The men involved in all levels are husbands, fathers, brothers, nephews, they are so called “normal’ family men. Not loners or so called “sickos”.

For every amazing man out there, there are thousands more that treat women as commodities. Society towards women isn’t progressing with the technological revolution, instead, women are treated worse with advances in technology, which is used further to abuse more girls and women, which can’t continue to happen if we want the world to change.

Please stop thinking and “assuming” where you live is wonderful, safe, abuse, violent free, “human trafficking doesn’t happen here”, when the facts show it’s happening next door to where you live, whether it’s a wealthy area or a not so wealthy community, it’s happening everywhere.

Sorry if this offends some of my male followers. I’m not pointing the finger and saying it’s you, but there’s a lot of messed up sh*t out there and it’s not masses of women causing it, but the masses of men! The truth can sometimes hurt. I’m a mother with three incredible children, two are amazing sons, and they’d never treat girls or women in a negative way, but I’ve taught them from birth to respect women and they have been lucky to travel with me and have seen with their own eyes how bad it is for so many women, which has changed their perspective.

This photo is my 9 year old daughter Meadow who has dreams, BIG dreams, just like all the other little girls out there who right at this moment are having their world’s crushed by abusers, trafficked as animals, treated as less than human, not important because to many out there she’s just a “girl” a commodity to be bought and sold.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this whether you agree or disagree and solutions to this growing problem worldwide.



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