April is on a mission to to impact the care systems around the world, which has become a multi billion dollar business, but unfortunately, the children have been “Forgotten” and tax payers money is rarely spent on the children in the system to improve their future outcomes, and requires intervention.

“If we focus on inspiring the younger generations with positive experiences, we won’t have to reprimand them when they are older through the Criminal Justice System.” April Chandler

Giving to others is important to April and if it’s important to you too, maybe you’d like to make a difference to your own life, as well as make a huge difference to other people’s lives too, and get involved with The April Chandler Foundation or April’s Wonder Camps, adding wonder, adventure, storytelling, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, fun, happiness and hope to disadvantaged children around the world.

Wonder Camps are not “Fit Camps”, but about adding wonder to children’s lives, as children, just like adults, need weekend breaks and vacations that will change their outlook and lives for the better, and give them hope of a fulfilling future full of love, wonder, success and happiness. 

Have you ever come back from a new and interesting place and not felt inspired, de-stressed, happy and motivated to improve your life? Of course not. You are full of beans and ready to take on the world. That’s exactly what happens to children too. They don’t come back the same. They can’t stand around doing nothing on the same street corner with their friends like they did before they travelled. Their eyes have been opened to the possibilities. They have hope burning inside of them and a vision of a fantastic future. Once experienced, this can’t be undone.

By providing good food, activities, fun, positivity and wonder to every child, is what will change the future of our world. If April had her way, every child in elementary school would go to the countryside, the Capital City in the Country they live in, the seaside and travel abroad to go skiing and participate in water and beach sports, continuing these trips throughout middle school, high school and college. Governments are not capable of doing this alone and need organisations, schools and parents to get behind this initiative and ensure it’s rolled out across the whole of the planet to the benefit of all children.

April would love to hear from you if you can assist in any way. Every child deserves a loving home and an opportunity to build a bright future for themselves. Get behind what April is doing and get in touch today!

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