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April is a presenter interviewing interesting celebrities about their contribution to humanity, the environment, their vision for peace, how they keep healthy, maintain their passions…. from around the world either on the road while travelling making documentaries, or from her studio in Malibu, California.

She is also a Producer for a production company based in Los Angeles specialising in ground breaking factual documentaries, biopic and action-driven drama on a global scale and currently working on some fabulous projects.

She just finished filming a documentary series called WonderHunters to show the best in humanity filmed against the backdrop of amazing natural wonders. Whilst on the journey across five continents, April met a wide and wonderful variety of inspiring human beings who she interviewed to share their messages with the world. She also took part in awesome cultural traditions, amazing challenges and activities, sensations and tastes, experiencing all this wonderful world has to offer. April challenged herself to go somewhere new, meet someone new and try something new every single day. The Grand Slam is another documentary that April is working on climbing the Seven Summits and skiing to the Geographical South and North Pole.

While filming, April gets involved in charity projects she is Ambassador for on the ground in Africa, Europe and the Philippines to highlight the amazing work they are doing. There is more that unites us than divides us around the world and it’s important for all of us to step up and contribute to improve society, even in a small way by showing kindness, love and compassion to all we meet across the planet regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation et cetera.

You can join April for daily updates via Facebook Live FB/aprilchandler and YouTube/aprilchandler

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