Quietus is pronounced kwīˈēdəs and means a release from life and something that has a calming or soothing effect.

After my own experience of Covid-19, I decided to create a platform, “Quietus” for people to upload their videos to the Quietus app and in a beautiful way, be sent to their loved ones by the system on their death. Covid-19 has demonstrated over and over how quickly life can be taken from us and for me personally, during the infection when my lungs weren’t working too well and I was struggling to breathe, I started to cry as I hadn’t told my children all I wanted to say to them and wished I had already recorded my videos that I had always planned to do in order to help them during the tough times in their life, plus be there with them for the happy moments like their weddings, birth of their children…, but most importantly to sooth and comfort them from losing me, their mother, while at such a young age.

As I started to come out the other side after two trips to the ER and a prescribed inhaler to help support my lungs to fight the infection for the next 30 days, I watched the devastation on line and felt emotionally connected to each of those suffering. For the first time I realised I’m not invincible and humanity is truly fragile. It also broke my heart that people never got the chance to say goodbye to their children, spouse, partner, parents, siblings and close friends. I feel we should all be prepared and leave something behind for our loved ones and those suffering from losing someone. Of course, this isn’t just about Covid-19, but other fatal illnesses, however, this somewhat surreal, unprecedented situation has made all of us realise we need to prepare for our children, parents, sisters, brothers, husband, wife and not just prepare our Will, but to leave messages behind for those we love to guide them towards a bright future without us.

As the host of their own profile on Quietus, they can also record a video message for their online funeral/memorial and contacts they added to their profile will be sent a message and asked to connect on the platform to watch the video with all other contacts, making it a social gathering to celebrate the life of the host.


For further information, reach out to me at hello@quietusapp.com