The April Chandler Foundation

April set up The April Chandler Foundation to support other charities that are doing amazing work within the realm of human trafficking, slavery and to improve the conditions on the ground of the most vulnerable people globally, but also to impact the care systems around the world, which has become a multi billion dollar business, but unfortunately, the children have been “Forgotten” and tax payers money is rarely spent on the children in the system to improve their outcomes, and requires intervention.

“If we focus on inspiring the younger generations with positive experiences, we won’t have to reprimand them when they are older through the Criminal Justice System.” April Chandler

Giving to others is important to April and if it’s important to you too, maybe you’d like to make a difference to your own life, as well as make a huge difference to other people’s lives too, and get involved with The April Chandler Foundation or April’s Wonder Camps, adding wonder, adventure, storytelling, entrepreneurship, fun, happiness and hope to disadvantaged children around the world.

April would love to hear from you if you can assist in any way. Every child deserves a loving home and an opportunity to build a bright future for themselves. Get behind what April is doing and get in touch today!