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Projects in Production:


Forgotten is a documentary film sharing the lives of fifteen children growing up without their parents in three big cities in the USA: New York, Los Angeles and Denver who are living in foster care, children’s homes, orphanages, juvenile detention or homeless on the streets at risk of grooming, human trafficking, drug abuse, gang violence, prostitution. More than one million children disappear each year and many more thousands are rotting away in the State system. This is their story.

Smile Jamaica

Inspired by a true story of abuse and gang rape in Jamaica.

The Social Experiment

“Who am I?” is probably the most asked question when people are alone, unsure about themselves and need answers and direction with their lives, followed by “What can I do to feel better?” “How can I look younger for longer naturally?” “What can I do to improve my energy?” “How can I love more, forgive easier?” “What can I do to extend my life?” The Fountain of Youth “A social experiment” will show you how to live longer in your life time. The participants work with experts in real time, from water to forgiveness, plant based nutrition to contribution. Full laboratory screening before, during and after will reflect true quantitative results from the participants – the scene is set, but results will be completely impartial.

The participants will learn and apply a combination of topics to enrich their lives such as kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, meditation, mindfulness, positivity, fitness, health, food, energy, wonder, passion, spellbinding magic, love, contribution to humanity, our external and internal environment, using both Eastern and Western practices. It’s not just one topic, i.e. diet that extends life, but a combination of many.

We have become a culture of healing and cure, rather than using preventative strategies to avoid sickness, poor health, stress, depression in the first instance, and when unpleasant situations do arise, we don’t have the tools to deal with the issues because we’ve never learned them. We rely on doctors for pills and are conditioned to believe it’s the ‘norm’ that the majority of the population are sick and believe those who live until 70’s, 80’s are lucky and it can’t be any different, when it can be.

The heart of this story is finding out if making changes to the participants lives over 12 weeks will change their biological disposition and improve their health outcomes, i.e. remove cancer, diabetes, suicidal tendencies and take them out of survival mode to thriving full of hope, and therefore extending their lives.


Overhaul is a documentary-journalism anthology series about agriculture and climate. Named after the personal metamorphosis of its real-life characters, the series captures these transformations on screen. It begins with three primary characters working in the animal agricultural industry. Initially they don’t know each other, but eventually their lives intersect. At first we witness the impact of agriculture on a personal level (farmers, meatpackers, truck drivers); then we witness it on a global level.