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I’m super excited to share information with you about my two new books:

Wonder Life and Wonder Life For Kids ‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.’ A personal growth/self help book to guide you out of the darkness and into the light. One for adults, the other for children 9+ years old. They can work as stand alone books in their own right, or in parallel with one another for the whole family.

“Who am I?” is probably the most asked question when people are alone, unsure about themselves and need answers and direction with their lives, followed by “What can I do to feel better?” “How can I look younger for longer naturally?” “What can I do to improve my energy?” “How can I love more, forgive easier?”

We have become a culture of healing and cure, rather than using preventative strategies to avoid sickness, poor health, stress, depression in the first instance, and when unpleasant situations do arise, we don’t have the tools to deal with the issues because we’ve never learned them. We rely on doctors for pills and are conditioned to believe it’s the ‘norm’ that the majority of the population are sick and it can’t be any different, when it can be.

April Chandler, the altruistic, clinician, sports psychologist and motivational speaker connects all the dots that are essential for longevity, success, happiness and health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Designed as a dip in and out type of book with valuable information backed up with insights from leading experts, practical activities at the end of each chapter, hints and tips, motivational quotes, poetry and pictures to colour in.

There are many personal growth/self help books out there professing to unlock the secrets of fitness, meditation, nutrition, happiness, positivity, relationships, mental and spiritual healing, but there are no secrets, the information is freely available for you to read and experience for yourself, the problem is that in your busy lives where do you start? Who’s information do you trust? It’s a big decision who’s knowledge to use to guide you on your life changing journey.

A combination of many topics enrich our lives such as kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, meditation, mindfulness, positivity, fitness, health, food, energy, wonder, passion, spellbinding magic, love, contribution to humanity, our external and internal environment, using both Eastern and Western practices. All are vital to living an exciting, adventurous, happy and healthy balanced life and why I’ve included them in my Wonder Life philosophy.

“With 300 million people suffering with depression, suicide increasing, especially in teenage boys, I couldn’t just carry on with my life witnessing all the suffering going on around me in the world. It wouldn’t help anyone for me to join in and suffer with them, so the only other option was to try and help, hence writing Wonder Life and Wonder Life For Kids.” April Chandler

I’ve never read a self help book in my life, not one, but I have read a lot of philosophy, poetry, psychology (my major at University) books. I did start to read one given to me by a friend last year, but I couldn’t get passed the first page. No disrespect to the author as it’s a book that has helped millions of people, but I read fiction and really enjoy books where my imagination can be expanded. I wrote my personal growth/self help books with this in mind.

Chapter 1: the present moment of mindfulness

Chapter 2: buddhist meditation teachings

Chapter 3: love is gratitude

Chapter 4: a feeling of wonder

Chapter 5: spellbinding magic

Chapter 6: the power of positivity

Chapter 7: compassion for abundant happiness

Chapter 8: how to live with an open heart

Chapter 9: random acts of kindness

Chapter 10: health is wealth

Chapter 11: you are what you eat

Chapter 12: fit for life

Chapter 13: love not hate

Chapter 14: what it means to be human

Chapter 15: how you can change the world

I hope you find my Wonder Life philosophy helpful. I would love to know what you think, so please do get in touch and let me know!

Much love,

April x

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