Wonder Studio

“My brand speaks to women and men who are physically fit, socially active and socially conscious, who puts a premium on living well and looking good, but knows that real beauty comes from within and true success is measured by a rich life.” April Chandler

My Wonder Studio will help you reach your health and fitness goals using state of the art Elevate Encompass Total Gym equipment to keep you continuously stimulated, achieving results without ever hitting a plateau, with hardcore strength and conditioning exercises that uses all three energy systems for a total-body workout. Giving you the excitement of competition mixed in with high intensity intervals using just your bodyweight and gravity.

Building better balance and coordination, increasing cognitive skills to enhance overall physical output with greater demands placed on the neuromuscular system, fat loss and strength gains result in the acquisition of skills that enhance proficiency in daily movement and athletic performance. Decreasing body fat percentage as your cardiovascular capacity increases, improving the way your body moves and feels so you’re more confident and ready to meet new challenges.

Includes Pilates movements for a vigorous full body workout that strengthens and stretches simultaneously while shedding fat, and Yoga to help uncover the power of a quiet mind and rejuvenate health through a combination of movement, breathe and meditation.

The following sessions with certified ACTS instructors are now available for men, women and children (aged 8+).


1 x session = $150
10 x sessions = $1,400
20 x sessions = $2,600

Semi Private

1 x session = $100 each
10 x sessions = $900 each
20 x sessions = $1,600 each

Group classes (4 x people)

1 x session = $70 each
10 x session = $600 each
20 x session = $1,000 each

First session 1/2 price.  Email hello@wonderworkouts.com for further information or book online today!

Video and Photograph courtesy of Total Gym